The Illness Narratives – tools for narrative and artistic emancipation

Research project supported by FRArt FNRS – 2023 – 2024

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 Intersection of care / collaboration for a research project by Florence Cheval and Loraine Furter / 2019-2020

Supported by A/R art&research, the FRArt/FNRS Fonds de la Recherche Scientique.


I was invited to collaborate on the research project Intersection of Care initiated by Florence Cheval and Loraine Furter, a research project on feminist modes of display and curating. In the context of this research, I have exhibited artworks at Wiels for the Open School section of the Risquons-Tout exhibition (Sept 2020-Jan 2021). Combining art and research, a series of lectures was held at the Wiels reflecting on the notions of care, healing and access. I delivered a lecture entitled « From the waiting room », a presentation of my work through the lens of sickness and auto-biography. It runs my work in parallel with the works of other women artists of my generation living with chronic diseases.

Lecture at Wiels, 17.10.2020



(57) Mnemosyne – Communities of the Future / 2017-2022

A research project initiated in Paris in 2017 with the collective w.o.r.k.?, as an artist and a researcher. Supported by Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis / Résidence Les Floralies / DRAC – Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d’Île-de-France (SDAT – Service du Développement et de l’Action Territoriale) / L’ARS – Agence Régionale de Santé d’Île-de-France – « Culture et Santé » / Fonds d’initiatives Associatives, Ville de Bagnolet / SACD – Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques / Fondation SNCF et RNMA – Réseau National des Maisons des Associations / Financed by DRAC and ARS d’Île-de-France within the framework programme « Culture & Santé »



This is a transversal project at the intersection of artistic, social and therapeutic practices where art is thought of as a relational act, a way of life and a space for knowledge transmission. As a proposition for field action research, this project probes a rethink of communal functioning, the relationships forged during the life of a group of individuals by including people too often marginalized.
Combining intergenerational audiences from different backgrounds: elderly or not, autonomous or nursed (residents of medico-social structures, retirement homes, day centres, etc.), carers and nursing staff, artists from different fields (57) Mnémosyne – Communities of the Future also intends to re-contextualise the process of artistic creation in a broader social niche. Questioning our practices in light of the realities encountered in situ, we promote practices founded on collective, collaborative and participatory approaches. In the form of practical workshops in a framework attentive to sensitivity and « care », (57) Mnémosyne – Communities of the Future is a new singular search space. At its heart, we seek to activate the relationships that are maintained between memory(ies) (individual or collective), human groups (society, community, tribe…) and fiction.
Finally, this community is imagined and built on several protocols and practices rooted in the reality of the groups with which we work. Some protocols were determined during the early years of the project by working groups, made up of artists and practitioners (psychomotor therapists, psychologists, caregivers). They are obviously intended to evolve and be adapted to contact with the groups encountered.
A number of immersion weeks bring together all the artists involved in the project, the caregivers and the referents of the place. During these weeks, practical workshops are organized in order to design the material necessary for the performance ending each immersion week: scenographic, choreographic, videographic, sound objects. This performance, or time of celebration, is open to an outside audience which is invited to participate.

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