Déjà jour

The camera eye turns inward. Interior day, sun, ghosts in plaster, collection. And if it was the heart of a hypnotic experience with my own mythology, and so and so .. Marseille were placed in the bottle. There are some unusual encounters, miniaturized pieces of frozen bodies, characters demystified, dentures, and bling blong. In daydreams the objects/ sculptures come and talk to me. The objects represent some narrative possibilities, which seek both in the personal unconscious, reminiscing, a overplayed nostalgia, but also in poetic absurdity.

dents-gros-plan détails-cul1 détails-ET1 détails-oeil-et-oreille1 détails-pizza1-e1414860228144 ensemble4 ET-plan-proche-avec-arrière-fond-flou1 étagère-plus-gros-plan-et-télé1 étagères-plan-proche-1 hot-gros-plan1 le-cul-en-gros-plan1polystyrene, plaster, terracotta, «Déjà jour» video HD, production Triangle France, 2012         Exhibition views : Bing bing, group show with Didier Marcel, Matthieu Clainchard, Nicolas Milhé, Quentin Euverte, la GAD Galerie Arnaud Deschin, Marseille