what the song une

What the song that goes like OOO Oh Oh

Collaboration with Carl Palm

Exhibited at @Le Commissariat in paris, 2014

Exhibition at le Commissariat – 22 oct – 15 nov 2014Partners : Komplot, Brussels (BE), Baltic Art Center, Visby (SE),  Le Commissariat, Paris (FR), Nosbaum Reding (Luxembourg). With the support of Wallonie-Brussels International
Polyester resin, neon, fishnet, cast aluminum, digital tablets, HD video, set Karaoke / A road movie shot on the island of Gotland during our residency at Baltic Art Center in May 2014.
A movie and a dialogue in search of a series of objects, dense with potentiality, objects that aim to turn the plasticity of decor and set design inside out. As sculpture then becomes the new inside, it enables us to reintroduce the filmic in order to experience sculpture in succession, mimetically over a defined timeline.
As cowboys in art, film and philosophy we would thru popular culture tackle ideas like: thinking as action, potential energy and speculative realism. A thinking that does not place itself outside the physical world but is an active part of it. A potential energy that is created in two objects’ specific relationship (the energy that an object accumulates when its position is changed in relation to the other, thus also the thinking subject). A speculative realism in which an object never can be reduced to its properties but is showing its essence by retracting therefore pointing towards infinite change.We are all foreign to the objects we search for, but what does the sculptures know, still possessing unique access to the odd?
Rework the mediation of works thru the everyday conceptual and sculptural language less dependent on explanatory text or biography and generously offer the conceptual experience as cognition to my collaborators as well as the audience.
détails-avec-main détails-X-Files détails DSCN7957 invite-le-comm-3-1024x581 les-résines-de-côté mystic-and-sancturies photo-expo-ensemble picpic set-karaoke-good Space-Waterfalls X-Files-de-face X-FilesPolyester resin, neon, fishnet, cast aluminum, digital tablets, HD video, set Karaoke/Exhibition views at Treize, Paris
 Exhibition views: Movie in May curated by Alberto García del Castillo at Nosbaum Reding, Luxembourg


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