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Love of Matter

Love of Matter, film HD, 16min52, Production Europalia Festival
Premiere night: 14.01.2016 at Beursschouwburg in Brussels during the festival La Kermesse Héroîque, curated by Alberto Garcìa Del Castillo and Louise Osieka.
Starring Ismaël Bennani, Vaast Colson, Hector Latrille, Clare Noonan, Marnie Slater, Dennis Tyfus et,Sébastien Versluys
The soundtrack is an original composition by France Frites. (with Amaury Daurel, Victor Delestre, Lucas Furtado et Hector Latrille)
Sound engineer: Caelan O’Flaherty
French voice over : Sarah Maison/ English voice over: Marnie Slater.
Post-production: Hans Bruch Jr.
Special effect by Benjamin Blaquart
Assistants for the shooting : Lia Vial and Rémi Groussin
Translation by Alberto Garcia Del Castillo/ English proofreading: Liz Alan
Love of Matter is a magical realist film that re-enacts historical events and other occurrences. somewhere between science and fiction, it mixes theatrical, staged sequences, with recordings made in different science museums and a library of images collected during different voyages: a room in Brussels, an apartment in Istanbul and somewhere around Toulouse.
Ecology is relationships. It is the relationship between all forms of life, and also between life forms and non-life forms. There are marginal communities imagining solutions for sustainable living; scientists exploring the possibilities of life on mars and exoplanets; academics questioning whether a cyborg-person could live in a newly created environment (incapable of living in its own pollution); landscapes are independently mutating and imitating human technologies; contemporary fiction narrates the dystopian environmental apocalypse. This story continues.

Laurie Charles 02Laurie Charles_11 - copieLaurie Charles_01 copieLaurie Charles_04 copieLaurie Charles 06photo credit: Kritien Daem/ Premiere at the  Beursschouwburg